Compass Playbook Live was a Success!

Saturday, 10/1/16
Winter Park Community Center, Winter Park, Florida


Come spend a morning connecting with your creative genius in a playful romp of silliness at Compass Playbook Live™. Drink from the firehose of fun with Terry Pappy as she leads you through a rumpus Compass Playbook journey to what lights you up and moves you forward.

This hands-on workshop offers you a unique approach to help create real success in your work, relationships, money or health—wherever you want to make big improvements.


A Workshop of Play

Discover how easy and fun it is to create a life you love.

Compass Playbook lets your creative genius inspire you and lead you toward your biggest dreams. Discover how to use inner guidance to break through barriers and tell a new story of success.

Break free of what you want for your life or wherever you are struggling. Compass Playbook Live will help you stop limiting thoughts and get access to exciting, new ideas.

You'll get three important things at this event:

  • An introduction to Compass Playbook—a powerful tool to shift any area of your life where you want to get more or feel better
  • Insightful science on why your brain gets in the way of you living your fullest potential
  • Six creative Plays that will break through thought-blocks that keep you from getting what you want

Ashlee Blair says, "Terry came out to University of Central Florida to do a private Write Shop with some of the Professional Selling Program members. We were delighted with the experience and had a wonderful time exploring our creative sides with the Compass Playbook! We highly recommend Terry and her exuberant, light-hearted spirit for everyone to enjoy!"

Level Up Your Life

If you're tired of the same-old meh feelings about your:

  • Relationships

  • Body

  • Job

  • Finances

Or whatever's got you by the chestnuts, Compass Playbook Live has the jet fuel to break you free.

Don't play by anyone else's rules. YOU are the master of how your life goes. This is YOUR opportunity to make a breakout move—to reignite those brilliant desires connected to what's most important to you.

Listen. You've done a great job getting yourself to where you are right now. Yet, you have never been more ready to level up and inject more possibility into what you want most for your life.

You are meant to live a life of unlimited potential. Everything you need is inside of you and wants your permission to come out and play. So what do you say? Let's play!

Terry Pappy leading a Compass Playbook Live workshop in Orlando, Florida

Terry Pappy leading a Compass Playbook Live workshop in Orlando, Florida


Ready to Play?

There's no crying in Compass Playbook Live unless it's from laughing your butt off.

Don't sideline your possibility—see your success come alive with Compass Playbook. Discover the real you by liberating your creative genius.

Bring your inner five year old and leave the backpack of resignation behind. Compass Playbook Live is an event that gives you a set of creative tools to supercharge your soul.

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