The Compass Playbook Perfect Course

powerful training focused on what you most want to work on

Compass Playbook Plays

Zero in on a specific area of improvement—health, money, love or work—with a Compass Playbook Perfect Course. These courses offer you custom guidance and training designed to manifest real results. Break through to the perfect condition you desire in a self-paced strategy designed to have lasting impact.

Each Perfect Course Offers:

  • 28 Topic-specific course training modules
  • Over 50 creative Plays per Course
  • Downloadable PDF templates for all Plays and creative exercises
  • 90-Day 100% money back Course guarantee
  • 7-Module Pre-Course to help you succeed
  • Private Facebook Course group for interaction with other Course participants and creator Terry Pappy
  • Lifetime access to all course materials
  • Subscription to Compass Playbook Insights, free tips on how to incorporate Compass principles into your daily life
  • Optional one-on-one personal coaching sessions with Terry Pappy

Every Compass Playbook Perfect Course is only


Discover Which Perfect Course is Right For You:


Get Started with the Original Compass Playbook

This is where it all started...the original Compass Playbook, a workbook filled with 52 Plays that fit any and all goals you wish to achieve. You can choose from three different versions, depending on your preference and the way you like to create. 

Pick the Compass Playbook that's Right for You or Choose All Three!


Compass Playbook

There's the original Compass Playbook, an 8x10 workbook that includes 52 Plays and the actual templates to do your Plays on. You can also doodle on the cover and personalize it with doodles or stickers or whatever. We've even seen it spiral bound versions!

The size and flexibility of this version of Compass Playbook allows you to keep everything together—your thoughts, desires, drawings and musings all in one place.


Compass Playbook Companion

As an option to those who like to keep a journal or sketchbook, there's a Compass Playbook Companion. This is just like the full-size workbook, however, it's half the size as it does not include the actual templates inside the book.

It makes a great companion with your journal, sketchbook or even if you do the Plays online. The great thing about the Companion version is that you can do the Plays over and over on any topic that's important to you in your life at the time. Use it to improve your work relationships one month and then use it again to lose weight and improve your body image. It's got that flexibility built right in.


Compass Playbook Companion: Kindle

Same content as the print version, there is also a Kindle version of the Compass Playbook Companion. Use it the same way you would the paper version, but all digital!

If you're a Kindle user, you know how awesome it is to have a Kindle version of your favorite books. You can bookmark, search and comment and share digitally.


Stay Inspired and On Track



Are you getting the support and tools that serve to inspire and keep you moving toward what's most important? Is every day a new adventure filled with insights and aha moments that excite and delight you? Are you in tune with your inner creative genius?


If not, sign up to receive Compass Playbook Insights and receive tips on how to:

  • Enhance your creative journey and stimulate your powerful, inner muse
  • Boost wimpy beliefs and get them supporting your goals instead of sabotaging them
  • Use creativity and your imagination more effectively
  • Find relief and freedom from worries that bog you down
  • Understand the crazy, lazy habits of the brain so you become its master
  • Shift your thoughts to more positive ones that make you feel great
  • Empower yourself with greater confidence to design a life you love

When you sign up, we'll also send you the 7 Secrets to a Great Life that includes 7 Compass Playbook practice Plays you can do to get your inner creative genius inspired and on track. Learn to more fully enjoy designing the life you've always wanted because life is meant to be wonderful and full of possibility!

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