Preparing for Success

Life is an unfoldment, and the further we travel the more truth we can comprehend. To understand the things that are at our door is the best preparation for understanding those that lie beyond.


Compass Playbook Perfect Courses are all about preparation. Preparing your mind for more productive thoughts. Preparing your thinking to a new orientation. Preparing your expectations so they lead you to what you want most. Preparation is the first step in the creative process; if you are not preparing for an unfolding, the unfolding cannot happen. The magical thing about preparation is that it is rooted in where you want to be. If you didn't know that you wanted to be someplace better, you would have no grounds for preparation.

Thinking about that, watch this video about wide receiver Marcus Davis and get present to how everything he does is powered by what he wants most.



The content in the Courses are best received with an open mind and a willingness to try on new ideas. Even though the Compass framework is grounded in neuroeconomics (how the brain makes decisions), there is a large amount of trust that you need to extend in order for the material to have the highest impact it can possibly have on your journey toward what you want.

Best practices for allowing openness:

  • What you know now and all that you have learned is of value, but it can also be a barrier to adopting new ideas
  • Practice suspending disbelief until you've had a chance to let the ideas wash over you
  • Pay attention to how you feel; the more positive the emotion, the more open you are
  • Before doing any Compass Playbook Course Plays, check in with yourself and get present; practice meditation or relaxation prior to each segment so you can more openly consider what you are learning. Compass Tuners, (original audio meditations customized for each Course) are also great for this.


This Course must be a priority in order to have maximum effectiveness in your life. The benefits you and others close to you will see as a result of fully participating in the Course will provide you even more excitement about the journey you're on.

The most successful people are said to be driven. But what drives them? What drives them is their inspired vision. It is their ultimate priority. Nothing else gets in the way of them achieving that vision because they have made it a priority.


This Course is delivered electronically. That means you will need the appropriate technology to give you full access to the content. Most modern computers, cell phones and tablets with the latest web browsers are fully capable of presenting the Course in its entirety. The Course is also optimized for mobile viewing so you can take it wherever you go. We want to eliminate any barriers to your enjoyment of your Course material.

Best practices for uninterrupted access:

  • Reliable internet connection sufficient for audio and video streaming
  • Newer/up-to-date operating system and web browser (we love Chrome)
  • Adobe® Acrobat® Reader for PDF downloads
  • Ability to play and listen to MP3 audio files (MP3s work in iTunes and in modern browsers)
  • Printer for PDF downloads or web pages (if you want to print hard copies)
  • Facebook account for the Course Community

Creative Processes

Compass Playbook Plays are rooted in techniques pulled from creative problem solving, brainstorming and writing workshops. One of the early barriers we typically encounter in live Compass Write Shops are participant's limiting beliefs around drawing and writing: "I can't draw" or, "I don't know how to write." They believe that they are going to be graded or evaluated on what they are creating. That is just old programming—ditch it! The act of doing a creative process is just that: it is you, creating. Freely create! No judgment here.

Best practices for allowing creativity to flow:

  • Draw like you did when you were five with total abandon (we encourage stick people)
  • Write what's inside you—consider it a free-flowing stream of consciousness that you are tapping from within and giving life to on paper
  • Table any negative self-talk about your ability so you access more of your creative ideas
  • Make your creative time sacred—honor and respect all that you create

Consider this: How you approach this Course will mirror how you approach life.

Scheduling Time

"How long does it take to do a Compass Playbook Perfect™ Course?" is a common question. Think of it this way: if you were told that you could achieve the exact result you wanted if you did X or Y, you would pretty much spend as much time doing X or Y because you knew you'd achieve your goal, right? The time you will spend on this Course will vary depending on how much time you put into your Plays and each lesson. Some people complete the entire Course beginning to end including this Primer in a week, some spread it out over a month or even longer. It depends on your commitment and how you are balancing what's most important to you in how you spend your time. If you make this Course important, you will find the time to do it and savor the experience of going through it because it will nurture your soul.

I'm too busy.

"Not enough time" is one of the most frequent excuses people use to avoid doing something that they don't feel is important (re-read "Priority" above). Realistically, we all have very busy lives and many responsibilities, including caring for others who depend on us. That is why it's important to load time into your schedule for this work. And, as you go through the Course, the people who do depend on you will appreciate that you made the time to do so, because they'll see how much happier you are as a result of participating in this Course.

Best practices for scheduling time for your Course:

  • Block off time in your calendar right now to spend time each day on Compass
  • Schedule at least 30 minutes per day for your Course time; you'll adjust as you need more time or want to split the work into segments throughout the day
  • Choose the best time in your day where you are most relaxed and reflective (some like early mornings, some prefer just before bed)
  • Ask others to support your schedule by delegating some responsibilities, asking for help and respecting your time to focus on your Compass Playbook Perfect Course
  • Don't beat yourself up if you don't get to your Course when you have it scheduled, just recover as quickly as possible so you don't fall behind (regular, daily application of the Compass Playbook framework has a higher impact rate of improvement than sporadic, stop-and-go practice)
  • Defer projects or previously scheduled activities if you feel they can 1) be rescheduled/deferred, and 2) if you feel they may draw your attention away from your Course time


You will be doing the work on your own and will need some basic materials. These include:

  • Paper for completing Plays (this can be 8.5x11 single sheets, a sketchbook or journal)
  • Pens/pencils/markers—whatever implement(s) you want to use to be as creative as you want to be
  • Tablets or computers also can be used as input devices, but you will need the appropriate software and programs/apps for capturing your writing/drawing (we strongly recommend that you go old-school, however, and use pen and paper as it is more effective at tapping those deeper recesses of the brain)
  • For visualizations or meditations, a comfortable and quiet place where you won't be disturbed
  • A recording method to capture random insights and aha moments you can always have with you (a small journal, voice recorder, notepad, a recording app on your phone, etc.)


Find or create a special space where you can do your Course in private. Make it comfortable, quiet and conducive to reflection and contemplation. Place things around you that you love and that are important to you. Pamper yourself and allow yourself to steal away to your special place to do your Course. This is an act of self-love, and you deserve to make your Compass work blossom in a sacred place that you design.

Periodically head outside to do your work or hit a local library, waterfront or coffee shop. Wherever you feel you can most easily and enjoyably focus. This is your time to create. Choose a place and space and time that will cradle and nurture your inner creative genius. Remember to breathe, relax and have fun. This is all for you!

Outside Interference

Limit your exposure to toxins while in the Course. Toxins and negative energy will diminish the positive momentum you build during your Course. Toxins take the form of television, movies, books or video games that draw attention to the weaknesses or flaws of people or ideas, any form of "news," whether television or online or newspaper, and of course, toxic people. Toxic people are focused on their complaints, have a "glass half empty" outlook on life, and drain you when you are around them. You know who these people are, so steer clear.

As a bonus, keep yourself well hydrated with water and keep your food intake fresh and light. Reduce or eliminate alcohol, sugar and processed foods if you can. These all contribute to lessening your inner light and the body's ability to be in balance while you introduce new ideas that will help you get to where you want to be. But if the stress of shifting these behaviors is a burden, go easy on yourself. Remember it's all about having fun and enjoying the unfolding at a pace that's comfortable for you.