Compass Playbook Perfect Mate Course

By far our most popular Perfect Course, the Perfect Mate Course allows you to imagine and attract the perfect mate—a partnership filled with abundant love, communication, physical attraction and connection beyond what you've dreamt possible. To bring that special someone into your life who inspires you to new ideas and joy every moment, even when you're not physically together. Live a life that's deeply enriched by who they are for you. And, that your love and contribution to them helps them live an incredible life experience.

That ideal relationship is possible and closer to you than you think.


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  • Identify what you want in your ideal partner
  • Craft a new story about who you are in regard to a love relationship
  • Clarify the details and how you will express yourself in that relationship
  • Get inspired to take appropriate actions that support lasting love and connection
  • Shift your mindset about relatedness and improves your outlook regarding others
  • Interact and view all relationships as opportunities to expand and enjoy more

Eleanore Strong

Eleanore S. says, "The Compass Playbook Perfect Mate course was the orderly attitude changer I'd never had before. It offered many different creative ways of turning negative beliefs around. Each lesson gently pushed me to find things to appreciate about my past experiences, to rephrase my negative beliefs in a more useful and hopeful way, and to be proactive about becoming the kind of person who is ready for a relationship.

"Through doing the journal exercises, I realized that there was more to appreciate about my past than I had previously thought. I also saw some important truths about my friends and family members' relationships that I never had recognized before.

"This is a course that I know I'll want to review again and again!"