Compass Playbook Perfect Body Course

In a body image conscious society, how we view our bodies and the bodies of others is a reality we experience on a daily basis. Wouldn't it be amazing if you could have a huge shift in not only how you feel about your body, but how your body feels to you? Instead of working on the outside, try working on the inside-out. By reconnecting to your inner self, you can have amazing breakthroughs in your physicality and how you feel about your body.

Feeling and looking healthy, strong and more alive can be your reality.


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  • Identify and make peace with stories you have about your body and how you should look
  • Redefine what you want for your ideal body and physical appearance
  • Open the doorway to inspired actions that allow better wellness, energy and health resources to come to you
  • Build a new story around health and wellness that fits your preferences
  • Have a completely new perspective about wellness and truly fall in love with your body and love it for life