"I give people a platform to connect with their biggest desires and be inspired to bring them to reality."

"My whole life has been an exploration of self. What started as a way to come out of my shell in my teens and be less fearful has inspired a life of introspection, examination and study of how the mind works and the nature of the human experience. I knew there was more than what I was taught, as it just didn't make sense in my gut. I felt and knew there was something powerful inside calling me to a bigger, better life.

"I pursued a career as a commercial artist, where I honed my artistic talent and had many successful years of creativity and design accomplishments. Although I put a journalism career on the back burner, I always loved writing and storytelling. Today, both talents have reached a masterful level from sheer volume of application and study, and I continue to learn more and more about my creative self-expression.

"In 2006 I launched a creative consulting company and perfected a set of tools that, to this day, consistently yield incredible results for my clients. And not surprisingly, the science I use in my company is based on the Compass Playbook framework. I knew there was a need in the world for this work—but for everyone, not just the clients I served through my company.

"That's what inspired me to take this framework that I compiled from years of study, personal enrichment and practice, combine it with my creative talents and author Compass Playbook. I published the original Compass Playbook workbook in 2011, and held many live Compass Playbook Write Shops. People in the Write Shops were having breakthroughs across the board and I knew—I just knew—I was onto something.

"2014 marked the year I launched Compass Playbook Courses, enabling the framework to go virtual and into the world for people of all ages and walks. By delivering this powerful content accessibly, more and more people can now experience breakthroughs in achieving their highest excitement and possibility. And that is where my heart is in this work. I see incredible potential for all people and know that it only takes a few small steps to begin the journey of a joy-filled and exciting life adventure.

"This is my wish for you: That you discover your heart's desires and believe in their reality. That you begin experiencing more amazing insight and inspiration. That you see how incredibly powerful and creative you really are. That you come to the understanding that you are loved—unconditionally loved—and always will be.

"I stand in your vision and call you forth."


Terry Pappy

Terry Pappy


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Terry Pappy interviews on Spiritual Connections podcast and with Mary Blake's podcast.



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