You Are Chef

Is Your Stomach Growling or is it Your Inner Creative Genius Calling?


While I was thinking about the flow of life, the journey we are each on and how to allow more of what I want to come to me, an interesting analogy popped into my head. It's as if we are the Chef of our life. We are always inventing new recipes, dishes and meals to further enjoy and expand our palettes and pleasure. I thought it would be interesting to see how this analogy fits into the creative process of manifesting what is wanted. Let's see...


It first starts with hunger. "I want to eat, my belly's growling, I need nourishment for energy and survival." These are the thoughts that flow through our mind in our physical experience. It is so natural for us to think this way during every day we're alive that we don't even acknowledge we're going through this thought process. We are simply hungry.

We react to, "I'm hungry," and set about solving that condition. Although hunger is generated by biology, our spiritual hunger for creating is generated by our eternal nature and the design we barely understand about our purpose and the universe at large (unless you get into a conversation with Stephen Hawking about quantum mechanics, that is).

The key here is that desire is endless and will always be present.


This is where the creative energies explode. As Chef, you would take delight in the ideas of a brand new recipe that you can design all your own. The process of mental planning is your envisioning of the end result you want to achieve. As Chef, you have skill, experience and know-how to prepare your meal. As spiritual beings living a physical experience, we also have the skill, experience and know-how to prepare our manifestation. But often we get caught up in the physical execution of it as opposed to the energetic expression of it, which is the first step in the manifestation process.

But both are equally followed by the first manifestation: pleasure. We take pleasure in the idea of the meal we are preparing as Chef, and also the manifestation of our desire as a spiritual being. The emotional state is the first manifestation. This is to be celebrated as evidence that you are creating successfully.


Preparation is all about getting the physical space ready to make the meal as well as the space to enjoy it. This involves gathering ingredients and collecting the kitchenware to measure, cut and fix the ingredients. It also involves setting the table, finding the perfect wine complement, and choosing who will accompany you to enjoy the final feast.

The preparation is also part of the enjoyment of the journey to the final meal. This is often missed by most—just look at the fast food industry as an example. Instant gratification. But as Chef of your life, as in Chef of your feast, isn't the preparation just as joyous as the final meal? Maybe even more? Ask any professional Chef who still loves their work and you'll get your answer.

This is what we miss out on when we are overly focused on achieving our goals. We miss the journey to our goals and all of the wonder, beauty and deliciousness along the way to the final manifestation of our desire. See how much more we can enjoy the wholeness of life if we look at it from the eyes of Chef?


This is the final destination—the goal. This is why we set out on our journey to begin with. It is why we envisioned and prepared. It is what we ultimately want to experience, enjoy and savor. It is our feast, created by our hands using the bounty that is at our disposal in this beautiful, abundant world. 

And that is how it is in the spiritual, creative world. You are Chef. You are the source of desire. You are at the helm of choosing your ingredients and preparing your feast the way you want it, which is often the best part of the journey to the meal. The experience and satisfaction of knowing that you are behind the success of the final product coming into view is bliss. You made this! It is all you.

The best part of this analogy is that it never ends. Even after we have satiated ourselves on a wonderful, deliciously satisfying meal, enjoyed the company of our friends or family, shared stories and laughter while breaking bread, we know one thing: we will be hungry again.

Be the Chef of your life and take incredible joy in creating the magnificent feasts and all of the wonder that goes along with it. This is the stuff of life.


Think of a present goal. Write about the journey to the destination through the eyes of you as Chef. Take your time and savor the steps in the preparation for the unfolding of your desire. See how many different turns your path can take, and enjoy the unfolding of your ability to create and manifest magnificent feasts. You Are Chef. Create!



Terry Pappy is CEO of Better3, creator of Compass Playbook and author of award-winning books on creativity. What she says about Compass: "It's a fun resource that helps people achieve their dreams using creativity—simply by telling a new story." Terry uses humor and straight-talk to inspire breakthroughs in creativity for audiences around the globe.