What are You Building?

What are You Building?

You Are a Construction Zone


As human beings, we are always under construction. Every day brings a new opportunity to update project plans, have new materials shipped to the job site, hire or fire workers, negotiate with city planners, react to inclement weather, and race against deadlines to produce a finished product.

But are we ever really finished? Is our goal to get the project completed or to keep our hands dirty with soil, oil and calluses to show the love we have for the work we are creating that is US? Do we see other projects as under construction or judge them for being incomplete, a mess, or poorly planned?


Fluid Blueprints

As we go through life and evolve, the blueprints for the project that we are change. We want different things, new challenges and we break through barriers to new understandings of who we are and where we want to go. The people and experiences we encounter act like bumpers in bumper pool, and like universal forces, propel us to new directions and preferences.

This is the brilliance behind our development. The influences we absorb shift us subtly or dramatically. They cause us to trash our plans and go back to the drawing board anew. They help us step back and view our work in progress with new eyes. They keep us placing one more brick, mortar, brick, mortar.

No Deadlines

Construction Cone

What if we accepted that our project never had a deadline? What if we accepted that we could continuously update and improve our project plans? What if we could start fresh every day and build something entirely new with unlimited resources and support? What would open up for us? What would be possible? What could we imagine?

What Would You Build?

Step back and look at the plans for project: YOU. What are you building? Are you working off of your plans or someone else's? Are you not moving forward on project: YOU for lack of access to proper materials, workforce or environment? Or are you forging ahead and building your vision as it stands in this moment?

Are you creating a beautiful park with trees, walkways and open, natural areas for people to enjoy? Are you building an amusement park? A nature habitat? A resort hotel? A prison? Are you building a cozy home for a family? A place of learning? A skyscraper? A rocket launch pad? A cathedral?

Choose Your Materials Wisely


When looking at your life and what you want to create, accomplish or do, consider the elements, factors and influences you are using to build project: YOU.

Use materials that will give you a sturdy, lasting and sound structure. Plant yourself on a solid foundation. Build in a location that is well-matched to your blueprints. Enlist a workforce that will express their unique talents and complement what you are building. Inspire others to build their own great projects by sharing your vision.

Build a project you adore and can call your own. Love the endless, evolving and beautiful project that is YOU, for YOU ARE an ongoing work of art.


Practice Play

Write a story about what you are building for project: YOU. Write about the tools you are using, how you are feeding your workers and keeping the project growing and moving forward. What do your plans look like? What are you building? Write a story that describes the vision you have for what you are building. Make note of things you can do to add to the success of your project. Make it fun and enjoy writing about what you are building.


Terry Pappy is CEO of Better3, creator of Compass Playbook and author of award-winning books on creativity. What she says about Compass: "It's a fun resource that helps people achieve their dreams using creativity—simply by telling a new story." Terry uses humor and straight-talk to inspire breakthroughs in creativity for audiences around the globe.