Getting Clarity

Finding Your Path

How do you find clarity? What process do you go through in order to choose how to approach any goal or task? In business situations there are established processes and models to use that accomplish projects, make sales, hire people and get the job done. At home, there are clarifying tools like grocery lists, honey-do lists, organizers for your silverware, beauty products and your music. There are systems for dealing with software, apps and the gigs of data stored on your computer. These are set models that function well in the world you occupy today.

path that splits in the woods

But what do you do when you want to start a new career? A new business? Move to a place you've always wanted to live? Start dating again after divorce? Where do you begin your search to be certain the choices you make are going to result in the outcomes you want?

That's where clarifying tools can really be powerful. Even if you're approaching something you've done a hundred times, using clarifying tools can really help you add freshness and excitement to the most mundane tasks, so your level of enjoyment increases and it turns from drudgery to delight.


What tools do you use to get clear about what you want? What if you don't know what you want? Where do you begin? As you know, the brain is a problem-solving engine, but it relies 100% on established neural pathways created from past experiences to stimulate decisions on how to act now. This human physiology is designed to keep you alive, but since you don't have to fight off tigers in the bushes anymore (but you may have to fight with the cable company from time to time), your stressors are now triggered by work, family, traffic, weight gain, bills and myriad topics that make up life in the 21st century.

Relying solely on brain guidance doesn't always allow for innovation, exploration or creativity because it is using past memories to offer up new ideas. This is limiting possibility for you. Those past experiences, however, do keep you from learning over and over, and do fulfill a purpose in saving time and energy (and money, too). When you want to really be truly inspired, creative and gain deeper access to inner guidance, clarifying through creativity is the path that will get you those results and open up new possibilities you never thought of before.


This is a list of just a few of the more popular creative processes to clarify and stimulate your inner creative genius. When you really want to dig deep and uncover new ideas and be regularly inspired by the universe (if you let go and allow, of course), using any of these processes will get you there. Make it a daily practice and you'll train your brain to think newly about any topic you choose to ponder.

  • Journaling/Writing
  • Appreciative Inquiring
  • Mind Mapping
  • SWOT Analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Storyboarding
  • Drawing/Doodling
  • Visualizing
  • List Making
  • Divergent Brainstorming
  • Convergent Brainstorming
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Interviewing
  • Scrapbooking
  • Vision Boarding
  • Daydreaming
  • Activities
  • Future Pacing

There are many more that you can invent yourself. Your imagination is limitless. Your ability to create is limitless. Do it to live your life inspired by you.



Terry Pappy is CEO of Better3, creator of Compass Playbook and author of award-winning books on creativity. What she says about Compass: "It's a fun resource that helps people achieve their dreams using creativity—simply by telling a new story." Terry uses humor and straight-talk to inspire breakthroughs in creativity for audiences around the globe.