Compass Playbook Perfect™ Course Primer

Primer Sections

This Primer is designed to introduce you to the Perfect Course and provide you tips so you get the most out of this material. When you signed up for your Compass Playbook Perfect Course, you were likely feeling motivated, intrigued and ready to improve a specific area of your life. Our goal is to make sure you sustain your interest and stick with the program so you get those results. Starting here is step one in making that happen.

The seven sections of this Primer will help you get organized and make sure you have all of the tools and tech necessary to get the most out of your Course.

The Primer Sections Include:

  1. Introduction and Log In Access
  2. Preparation and Materials
  3. Templates and Creative Processes
  4. Course Guarantee and Participation
  5. Course Community on Facebook
  6. Contacting Compass Playbook
  7. Compass Playbook Success Formula

Course Access and Log in

When you signed up for your Perfect Course, you set up your email and log in. To access your Course, do the following:

Go to and click on the "LOG IN" button at the top right

log in

When you do, a log in pop-up box should appear. If it doesn't, you may have to disable your pop-up blocker in your browser settings. Once the pop-up appears, enter your email and password that you used when you signed up, and click the "LOG IN" button

sign in screen

You'll be immediately taken to the Welcome page of your Perfect Course. If you're signed up for more than one course, you'll get an account pop-up screen that will allow you to go to the Course you want under "Plan(s)"—read below about being signed up for more than one Course.

Perfect Work Course welcome page

Manage Your Account

To manage your account, log in (see above). You'll notice that when you are logged in, the "LOG IN" button at the top right of the page changes to "YOUR ACCOUNT" regardless of what page you are on.

log in screen

Click "YOUR ACCOUNT" and you'll get a pop-up screen that allows you to manage your account.

account screen

Navigating Your Course

If you leave the Course pages and view other parts of the Compass Playbook website, you can always return to your specific Course by clicking the "YOUR ACCOUNT". In the pop-up screen, your Course(s) will show up under "Your Plan(s)" at the top left.

Doing More Than One Course? No Problem!

If you've signed up for more than one Course, you can navigate back and forth between your Courses the same way. Select "YOUR ACCOUNT" and click "visit" next to the Course you want to go to under "Your Plan(s)" at the top left of the pop-up screen.

account screen

If you are having any trouble logging in or with your account, contact us at


Compass Playbook Insights and Course Emails

To support you as you get started, we will send you a few emails to make sure that you're getting everything you need. This is just our way of offering help to you and inviting you to ask questions as they arise. 

In addition, you'll also be receiving Compass Playbook Insights, which are weekly emails that will help inspire and delight you. These emails are designed to keep you thinking about your goals and providing you different insights that help move the needle a little closer to what you want. You can unsubscribe at any time to either the Course help emails or the Compass Playbook Insights emails. We never share your email address, your privacy matters to us and we protect your information.

Course Updates

We are always tweaking and adding content to our Courses. As you move through the program. If we change something dramatically or add a juicy new piece of content, we will send out a broadcast so you know. As participants move through the program and interact in the Course group on Facebook, we learn and absorb and adjust. Our core team is consistently cultivating and gathering new ideas and resources and packaging them up just for you. We are always improving so you get the highest quality training material, guidance and creative problem solving processes available.

Compass Playbook Copyright

The content in this entire website and all Compass Playbook™ material is copyrighted and protected. Do not reuse, distribute, repurpose, sell or copy any of the content (text, images, videos, PDF downloads, etc.) in this website, Course materials or books. The material inside the Compass Playbook Perfect™ Courses (including all audio Compass Playbook Tuners™) is copyrighted and protected as well, and provided to you as part of your paid registration. Do not give your log-in or password to your Course material to anyone. Do not print out Courses and distribute to others or post online, however, you can print out the PDF templates and use for your Course study. Violation of this copyright will void your registration and Course guarantee and is subject to legal action.