That gut feeling that has guided you throughout your entire life—or has been a nagging voice you resist—is your key to supercharging what you want most. Compass Playbook magnifies that guidance and uses it to fuel your deepest desires. You'll gain greater clarity, ownership and cause in what you want to achieve.

Compass Playbook is about having fun while experiencing your deepest self and discovering what your heart really wants. It offers enjoyable, creative problem-solving tools that empower you to be in full control and feel renewed excitement about what's next. Every outcome is driven by you.

Drew Westveer says, "If you don't already have a copy of Terry's Compass Playbook, run out and get one now! With compassion, integrity and creativity, Terry will guide you to clarity about who you are and what you should be doing with your life. And with characteristic humor, she made the journey a lot of fun!"