Only you can dream your dream. Your life journey has stimulated new desires within you and they are always evolving, shifting and improving. The ingredients you've put into your dream are highly unique, and each ingredient has significant meaning and preciousness to only you.

Compass Playbook helps you thoroughly and more enjoyably identify the intricacies of what you desire. It helps you add texture and definition, and expand the details of the outcomes you envision. With Compass Playbook, you'll feel more joy fleshing out your dream's details and thrill in the experience of moving toward it until it is a reality you can fully enjoy.

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Pick from the workbook, companion (to use with a journal) or the digital companion below


The 8x10 Original Compass Playbook Workbook: Do all of your Plays right in the book, doodle on the cover, it's a great way to start your Compass Playbook journey

Use the smaller 5x7 Compass Playbook Companion and do your Plays in any journal, sketchbook or even digitally—the great thing is you can use it over and over

The Kindle version of the Compass Playbook Companion is great to have at-the-ready on your phone or Kindle reader to use with a journal or sketchbook