A lifetime of conditioning from family upbringing to media hype has contributed to your personal story. This story either supports success in achieving what you want or it doesn't. You live it every day from troubled relationships to financial pressures to not being thrilled with your body.

You were not designed to live a life of struggle or limitation. The good news is you can change it!

Compass Playbook helps you craft a story that supports what you want. No longer will you be unsure or feel like a victim in life. Be a deliberate creator and make your story an amazing expression of a life filled with joy and possibility.

Robert Urban says, "Terry offers some great exercises (plays) and coaching tips that help us more linear minded individuals become more attuned to our creative side. While they were all good, my two favorites plays were 'Day in the life' and 'Globe Trekker.' An easy to follow, but incredibly valuable tool for the seasoned executive or someone just getting into the game to help them to help them look at things from a different, more creative angle."