Simmah down now

He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

—Friedrich Nietzsche


Lights, Camera, Action!

We live in an action-oriented world. Because we are physical beings who can sense, move about, experience, react and make things happen, we are very distracted by how we impact and are impacted. We learn about the law of cause and effect, or causality, and its ancient origins dating back to the Middle Ages. Our modern culture has taught us HOW to manage cause and effect so we can function in contemporary society. Whether that is through learning in school, learning through experience, or learning through life models, stories and figures, we are solving problems by learning HOW to bring about the effect (or result) we desire.

Because of this distraction of being physical, we are under the belief that we have to be in action and doing something to bring about the result we want, whether it's cooking a great meal or leading a global company away from the brink of bankruptcy. This is a learned behavior and how we have figured out how to manage our lives in the physical world.

The information age has given us new (and sometimes overwhelming) avenues to learn the HOW of getting the outcomes we want. A simple search on how to [outcome you want] will reveal hundreds of solutions. Here are just three videos on how to make a s'more, cook corn-on-the-cob in the microwave and tie a bow tie. (Now you'll know HOW to do these three things!)


Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

—Albert Einstein

Problem + The Right How = Solution

You taking this Course is an example of a HOW. Before you registered, you decided that the reason you weren't finding a way to your ideal work situation was because of HOW you were going about making it happen. To a large degree that is true; you were not DOING the things that would bring your ideal work into your experience.

However, it is important to distinguish your HOW from being all action to your HOW being about your THINKING. You don't have to DO anything until you receive the impulse or gut guidance that gives you the inspiration to ACT. Only then will your action have the power to achieve the result you most want.

It's easy to get sucked into the belief that things are moving forward when you are flailing your arms about DOING STUFF to bring about an end result. But if your THINKING is out of whack or focused on lack, you will have a very long journey toward the result you are seeking, and may never fully realize it.

Trust in Your Well-Being

Trust that all that you want is on its way to you. Trust that you are a deserving being worthy of the best work you could ever imagine. Trust that you don't have to be so busy trying to bring about the result you want; that simply relaxing and taking care of you is the first step in allowing all that you want to freely flow into your experience. Relax the tension around your desire. Let go and let it flow to you.

List Template (PDF)

List Template (PDF)

Course Practice

Releasing the “How” Play

When you are preoccupied with the HOW of attaining your ideal work, this Play will help you relax your desire to be in full action. Only then will you be able to tune into the frequency of impulses and ideas of actions that are more effective at moving you closer to your true work.

If you are trying to solve this problem with action only, your attention is more apt to lock onto the observation that you haven't yet achieved your goal. It will deplete your mood and increase impatience and frustration, making you feel like you're getting nowhere.

By focusing on what’s missing, you won't notice inspiration and aha moments. Those impulses come from your higher self who never stops loving you and stands in the place of what you want and calls you toward it, sending you endless clues on HOW to easily get there.

  1. List the potential ways of HOW your ideal work can come to you. The more creative, bizarre, unexpected, whimsical or abstract you are, the better. For example, "I'm pulled over for speeding and instead of being given a ticket, I was told about a company the officer's brother was starting, which led to a meeting with him and a job opportunity of a lifetime."
  2. Evolve this list. The more possible ways you can imagine your perfect job coming to you, the more you will relax the need to figure it out yourself. Before you know it, you’ll be back on track with the right focus, and inspired action will take over. Have fun with it!
  3. Bonus: Feel free to write stories, draw scenes, storyboard or visualize these potential ways of HOW you will realize your ideal work. The more you dwell on the details of chance encounters and surprise opportunities, the more impulses you'll receive, leading you along a much easier and more relaxed path of actions that lead you to what you want.
Drawing Template (PDF)

Drawing Template (PDF)

Storyboard Template (PDF)

Storyboard Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)