Getting There

You create through the stories you tell, through the thoughts you think, through the life you live, through the vibration that you offer. You have control of the vibration you offer because you have control of the thoughts you think. And you have control of the thoughts you think because you have the capacity to tell an improved story, no matter what.



Don't get ahead of yourself

As you work through Compass and use the power of your own creative mind, there may be a tendency to get impatient. You may wonder, "Why hasn't this great new work opportunity shown up yet? I'm doing the work!" But don't let a sense of impatience or frustration kill your new story. Keep your focus on the end result and acknowledge that the increments between where you are right now and where you want to be are all part of the process. Taking the presence to appreciate these increments along the way adds to the deliciously satisfying experience of moving closer to your ideal desire regarding your creative self-expression through work.

In this clip from the 1991 movie, What About Bob?, Richard Dreyfuss explains to Bill Murray that he needs to take baby steps to more easily work his way to the goals he has for his emotional well-being. This scene is a great example of identifying and appreciating the increments that make up the journey toward what we want.

What About Bob?

Gimme, Gimme, I Need, I Need

Don't let your frustration at the lack of progress deteriorate to a meltdown like Bill Murray's in this additional clip. You will get there! Enjoy this part of your process for you are expanding and taking control of your creative ability to bring to yourself what you want: your ideal work.

Focusing on lack of results (remember: lack is pointing to the opposite of what you want and away from your Magnetic North) will slow if not stop the progress of getting what you want. Circle back and get yourself thinking and experiencing what you imagine it will be like, appreciate where you are right now and enjoy the unfolding of your desires.


Course Practice

Increments Play

This is a great Play when you feel frustrated that you've not seen evidence of your ideal work experience. Imagining and drawing snapshots of events that could lead to meeting someone who will tell you about a great job opportunity or reading something or seeing a movie or TV show that inspires an idea to start a new business will ease any pressures about how to get from point A to point B, where you'll finally be in your ideal work experience. Think of people you know and the stories of how they got their amazing jobs or started their businesses. Some are dramatic, some incredible coincidences, and others are just too crazy to believe. You just never know how it will all unfold for you. So stop trying to figure it out!

Asking for what you want is just the first step in the creation process. Learning to relax your mind—especially when its natural inclination is to solve problems—is where the real creative work happens. As you work through these lessons, you will release the need to figure it out and be in action. All of a sudden, you'll begin receiving inspirations and ideas, and feel more excited about the progress toward your goal. This is the real pleasure of your journey—savoring the shift of your emotions as they spin around the compass face toward your Magnetic North. You will quickly discover that the actions you should take are the ones that come through your gut feelings, insights and coincidences.

Storyboard Template (PDF)

Storyboard Template (PDF)

  1. In the first square of a storyboard, draw where you are today, and in the last square, draw a representation of you in your ideal work experience, whatever that looks like for now.
  2. In the remaining four squares, draw what you imagine the interim stages would be on your way to your desire, such as getting an email from an old friend who is starting a company and wants you to help him run the operation, or you see a company you've admired for a long time opening a branch right around the corner from your house with a sign that says, "Now Hiring."
  3. On a new storyboard, draw different snapshots of stages you imagine could happen on your way to your ideal work. Feel free to be creative as you like with your storyboards.
  4. Repeat until you move closer to or hit your Magnetic North and start feeling the sensation of ease and flow about how and when it will all happen.

The more you look for results and notice they are not showing up, the more you keep what you truly want at bay. Your mind doesn't know the difference whether you're looking at lack or appreciating all that you have in this moment. It responds to what you're giving your attention to and responds with giving you more of that. So think about where you want to be and keep telling that story. Trust that the more you relax into it, the faster and easier it will arrive. There are unseen forces all around you loving you and trying to help you reach all that you want and more. Trust!