Supported and Loved

I've got a lot of dreams I want to achieve, and I hope someone can cheer me on as I'll cheer them on in their dreams.

—Hunter Hayes


Your Buddies are Everywhere

You are loved by many! The people who adore you are rooting for your happiness. When asked, a mother or father will always say they want only happiness for their children. Everything else is simply a bonus. Your best friend will want the same for you as well. These people love you. They've got your back. They cover for you. They cheer you up. They make you laugh. They encourage you in ways that surprise you and warm your heart. You know that if you ever got in a pinch, they would be there for you in a microsecond. And there are likely fans you don't even know who are also wishing you happiness in all that you do.

One of the best buddy movies by far is 1992's Wayne's World. In this scene, buddies Wayne and Garth (with the band in tow) rock out to Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. You can especially feel their connection, natural comfort and understanding of each other.

Grumpy Buddies

Sometimes, to keep us on our toes, our buddies are masquerading as enemies. But when push comes to shove, they are the ones who rescue us when times are tough. There's no better example of this than in 1994's Grumpy Old Men, where Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau are combative buddies but still have each other's backs. In this scene, Matthau takes advantage of the opportunity to get some loving pokes at Lemmon, but in the end, he doesn't reveal his friend's identity to a foreclosure agent played by Buck Henry.

Friends forever

Frequently, our friends will go to extreme measures to protect us. In the Friends Thanksgiving episode (#9 from season 6), Rachel (who is not a cook) attempts to make a traditional English trifle. However, she incorporates ingredients from shepherd's pie because the two pages of the recipe book get stuck together. Everyone knew but Rachel. Watch what they did to protect her feelings.

Writing Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

Course Practice

Encouragers Play

Your fans are everywhere—past, present and future. Now that you're in the energy of friendship and those who love you and only want for your happiness, it's time for a Play that will connect you with how they would potentially feel about you experiencing your ideal work. This Play is an adaptation of the Point of View Play, but gives you an added dimension of knowing these people and that their intention is all about their love for you. Include their personality quirks in your writing and see your stories shift and come to life.

  1. Think of the people in your life who want the best for you: friends, mentors, your family, your professional network, your employer/employees.
  2. Write about how these people are supporting and encouraging you in your happiness, specifically in respect to you finding your perfect work and living a life in a satisfying dance of your skills, talents and interests and achieving your highest joy doing work you love. Include how they believe in you, how they are getting caught up in the excitement you’re generating, and how they are helping you stay the course by keeping you focused on your goal.
  3. Bonus: After you've written how they are encouraging you, get present to their love for you. Reach out to these people and thank them for being such an important part of your life and that you love them for who they are and appreciate their desire to see you happy. And if you're comfortable, share with them the breakthroughs you are having as you work through the Course. They will be thrilled to know that you are coming into alignment with your happiness and touched that they are part of your journey.