Looking Within

Inspiration comes from within yourself. One has to be positive. When you're positive, good things happen.

—Deep Roy


Increasing Awareness

As you move through your Compass journey toward your ideal work, you become more aware of your thinking. You turn your attention within and become more deliberate in what you choose to think about. You think of the aspects you want. You think of how eager you are to be moving forward toward your goal. You delight in the delicious details you are adding to your ideal work and how your life will be. You are doing things for yourself and others that make you feel good. You notice how your day-to-day attitude and mood are better, lighter, as if you've been given a wonderful gift of foresight.

And you have. You can see the future: a future doing work you absolutely savor. A near future where you settle into a blissful state of hope, trust sand extreme satisfaction. You love yourself for making the choice to focus on positive, loving aspects of who you are and that you do deserve to do work you love. You are a deserving being, and everything that you want is on its way to you.

Your awareness is growing in acuity because you are now making conscious choices to focus on what you love to do for a living, on a future set with the scenes you want to explore and enjoy. You are more sensitive to your inner voice and learning to distinguish thoughts driven by fears and past experiences from thoughts that are divinely inspired by your higher self. These thoughts, inspirations, aha moments and insights are all gifts to help you along your path. Trust this guidance. Trust your emotions. You are experiencing life renewed with a sense of true confidence that you are the one in control and always have been.

The Energy of Music

Music has the ability to transport us to a different state of mind and lift us to a better feeling. The vibration and energy of our favorite music penetrates us and locks us in at a frequency that is uniquely ours. When you want to amplify your inner guidance, introduce your beckoning with music. Consider it a warm up exercise for receiving your inner voice. All you have to do is quiet your mind and listen with your heart.

See if listening to Estas Tonne in this video clip featuring his track, Internal Flight brings you to a place of resonance with your inner voice.

Being in the Moment

The right music will help you achieve a relaxed, open state so you can more readily hear your inner voice. But you could also be out in the world doing your thing and suddenly see a sign or someone says something to you that seems to stand apart and grab your attention, and voila, inspiration. These ideas and suggestions will come to you when you least expect. Inspired moments are the golden gems and gifts that you are consistently being given by your higher self, for they know what you want. They know where you are struggling. They unconditionally love you and only wish to help you along your path.

You can train yourself to be more present to those moments so they happen more frequently, to the point where you begin to live your life trusting that this guidance will never lead you astray. What a wonderful way to walk your path!

List Template (PDF)

List Template (PDF)

Course Practice

Spontaneity Play

When you change your routine or try new experiences, you create open space. This allows inspiration, insight, and new ideas to come to you because you are more sensory aware and present. You see things anew. You let more joyful feelings in, especially if you are following your heart in your spontaneous decision to do something different.

Ways of adding spontaneity include: a new way to work, eating a different type of food at a new restaurant, calling someone you wouldn’t have normally spoken to that day, giving yourself permission to change or postpone something previously scheduled.

You can even invite people to play along: “Hey, I’m incorporating spontaneity in my day and I’m going to change our lunch date to a play date. Let’s see a movie!” You could actually create spontaneity for them, too!

  1. List ways you can add spontaneity to your life.
  2. Plan and do at least one method of spontaneity per day if possible.
  3. Add to this list over time. Regularly practice spontaneity to encourage inspired action.

Inspirations Play

This Play helps increase the occurrence of aha moments, inspiration and insights because you've sharpened your expectation of them. This is a great practice to train yourself to be open and in listening-mode for ideas that inspire action.

If you feel good when you get these inspirations, it’s a sign to take action. If it feels right to you, move forward with the action. If you feel bad or worse, do a Play that will re-center yourself and get your focus back on track. Be wary of taking action when an insight makes you feel worse than you already do. In those cases, it’s most likely the thought’s origin is from a fear or negative belief instead of true inspiration from your higher self.

It may be helpful in the beginning if you carry a small notepad or recording app on your phone with you so you can grab those insights when they happen, otherwise they'll fade to the ether. Sometimes they are simple little "hello's" and "I love you's" and reminders that you are never alone. Those are the best kind!

  1. Imagine and write a story about how the next 24 hours will unfold for you. Imagine and incorporate at least three occurrences of aha moments, bursts of brilliance, insights, gut feelings, mental pictures, or ideas that take you in a new direction regarding your aspiration.
  2. Read what you wrote and add a short paragraph or two about how you will feel when you get those insights (unless you included that in the first part of your writing).
  3. Record the inspirations that occur to you (and they will) over the next 24 hours and take action when you feel excited, enthused and jazzed when you get the inspiration.