Do you know what's coming?

I believe in this idea that the present is the new future. That where you sit, you create everything that's gonna come, for better or worse.

—Sarah Jones (in character)


You Tell the Story You Want to Tell

Much of the work you are doing in Compass involves imagining, conjuring, extrapolating, designing and creating from scratch. But it's really not necessarily from scratch. It is an amalgamation of all of the preferences you've made (and will continue to make) as you experience life. See something you like? You deposit it into your creative mind. See something you don't like? You deposit it into your creative mind. What you focus on is what you will experience in the future, whether in the next hour or the next month or the next year. What you believe is what will allow it to come to you more rapidly or keep what you want just out of reach.

Compass is helping you craft a new story (which helps reframe your beliefs to ones that align with what you want) and deliberately shift your focus more actively to be on your desired outcome. In a way, you're taking on a new persona—the persona of you living that future state of your desire.

Create Your New Persona and Step into it

In this TED presentation, Tony Award-winning monologist  Sarah Jones introduces us to 11 distinct personas answering questions about the present being the new future. Watch how easily she steps into and speaks as each persona with uncanny familiarity and speed. Pay extra special attention to her final character and what she says.


Listen and Envision

Replay this video but don't watch it. Listen to each character without the visual stimuli with your eyes closed or by simply looking away from the video. Do you see that person in your mind's eye? Do you feel their energy, their personality and their intention?

Although Sarah has honed her craft like any true artisan or master, we each have the ability to do the same. We can create a persona that represents us in our future state experiencing the love and partnership we have been creating our entire lives to this point.

Storyboard Template (PDF)

Storyboard Template (PDF)

Course Practice

A Day in the Life Play

This is a two-part Play that includes storyboarding and writing. You choose which part to do first, as they work interchangeably.

Storyboard a Day in the Life

Storyboard a typical day in the life of you being with your ideal partner. For example, let's say you both play golf. Pick segments throughout a day with golf from rising together in the morning and choosing what course to play, to selecting what to wear, to driving to the club, loading up your cart, greeting the starter, getting paired up with another fun couple, getting birdies and great sand shots, congratulating your partner on their trick shots, all the way to enjoying refreshing Bloody Mary's at the club bar with your new friends.

Each one of these storyboard snapshots can be of any segment you choose, as if you're selecting special moments you're remembering about a great day in your ideal relationship. Do as many snapshots of different types of days showcasing these wonderful moments you'll be sharing with your mate.

Writing Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

Write a Day in the Life

Imagine and think about a day in the life you'll be living with your love, regardless of the activity. If you are with your truest love, you'll feel the same regardless of what you're "doing." As you're imagining that future moment, tap into your emotions. How does being in a relationship with this person make you feel? Write about all that you love and appreciate about this person and how they make you feel. Capture the essence of them by isolating and recording how you feel. The more detailed the moment, the more visceral the feeling.

As an example, this is the story that Jen wrote before she met Ian, her true love and ideal match:

I feel so confident and sure of his love for me. I completely trust him and allow myself to be vulnerable and taken care of by him. I also know that he loves it when I take charge and focus 100% on pleasing him and making him feel like a man and so good and loved. I so love knowing that he's thinking about me and that he's looking so forward to being with me and doing stuff or nothing together.

I love that he's a snuggler and enjoys physical closeness and touching. I love how he holds my hand and is always watching out for my needs. I love how take-charge he is so I don't have to ever manage, but we both know how capable I am. I love how he makes me laugh and always seems to connect with my thought stream - we finish each other's sentences. I love how he supports me and my goals and is always cheering me on. I love how he is so incredibly and consistently turned on and we both have a fiery attraction that only seems to grow.

I love how positive he is and how he loves to help others. I love how he is such an encourager and leader. I love his work ethic and his ability to balance it all so he takes care of himself. I love how he inspires me to be more girlie and sexy. I love how he makes me want to stay fit and make my body appealing to him. I love how young and spirited he is and how he makes me feel that way.

I love that he values our togetherness but doesn't hold me responsible for his happiness. I love how he owns his life and is always seeking to be better and imagine new possibilities. I love his body, his smell, his habits of movement and his energy. He recharges me and fills me up. I am a better person for knowing him. I love how he knows that happiness is an inside job.

I love how he doesn't have any guilt over decisions he's made or choices he makes. I love how he is up for anything and can always rally to a new idea. I love how he is so inspired by me and appreciates my creativity and intellect. I love loving him! I love love love loving him!