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There are THREE ways you can get started right now:

1. Enroll in the Compass Playbook Perfect™ Mate Course (or others!)

Roll your sleeves up and take charge of your love life with this powerful, eight-week online course that will give you fun and creative step-by-step ways to:

  • Totally shift your attitude about what you've been experiencing so far related to dating (or not dating)

  • Give you new hope that you CAN attract a man who is perfectly suited to what you want and more

  • Empower you to present yourself in such a way that only good, quality men come your way

  • Inspire you to open yourself up and put yourself out there so the right man notices only you

  • Free you up to create the ideal relationship you want based on what you want now for your life

  • Inspire you to start enjoying the journey toward your perfect mate instead of doubting he exists

Save 33% on optional One-on-One Coaching

All Compass Playbook Perfect Mate Course clients receive 33% off optional one-on-one coaching sessions with Terry Pappy, author and creator of Compass Playbook, and your first session is free!

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Interested in a specific life focuses? Here are the four Compass Playbook Perfect Courses:

Click the course you're interested in and I'll send you a link to try the course free for 14 days!

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Eleanore Strong and her mum
The Compass Playbook Perfect Mate course was the orderly attitude changer I’d never had before. It offered many different creative ways of turning negative beliefs around. Each lesson gently pushed me to find things to appreciate about my past experiences, to rephrase my negative beliefs in a more useful and hopeful way, and to be proactive about becoming the kind of person who is ready for a relationship.

Through doing the journal exercises, I realized that there was more to appreciate about my past than I had previously thought. I also saw some important truths about my friends and family members’ relationships that I never had recognized before. This is a course that I know I’ll want to review again and again!
— Eleanore Strong

2. Become a Compass Playbook Perfect™ Life Client

If you're really serious about making change and opening up all aspects of your life to possibility, you may be ready for the Compass Playbook Perfect Life Coaching Program. In it, you'll get access to all four Compass Playbook Perfect Courses (Perfect Mate, Perfect Cash, Perfect Body and Perfect Work). This requires a serious investment in time and money, but the payoff is incredible. Through this advanced program, you will be able to:

  • Find healthy balance in all areas of your life

  • Manage time, money and resources better

  • Make substantial progress on any bucket list or goals your heart wants to achieve

  • Become more empowered, strong and confident in the most important areas that matter to you

  • Have total control over the outcomes you get in any area of your life that matters

  • Improve your relationships, health, finances and work (or retirement)

  • Get more out of your day-to-day experiences and find true purpose in life

  • Experience more satisfaction, fulfillment and enjoyment of all that you do and have

  • Share your zest for life and inspire those you care most about through modeling your bigger life

This is a very special program that has a limited clientele so I can give the attention and support each person deserves through their commitment to a better life. Apply only if you're serious about big change!

Compass Playbook creator and coach, Terry Pappy

Compass Playbook creator and coach, Terry Pappy


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3. Get FREE Compass Playbook Insights

When you enroll in any Compass Playbook program, you automatically receive Compass Playbook Insights. However, if you're not quite ready to sign up for a Compass Playbook program, you can still get Insights! These inspiring and creative tips built upon the Compass Playbook framework will help you:

  • Explore your faulty belief systems and break down barriers that keep you from achieving what you most dearly want

  • Help you better understand the mind-body-spirit connection

  • Learn how the brain unconsciously keeps you from getting what you really want and what you can do to stop those knee-jerk responses to conditions

  • Inspire you with creative ways to reach your most important goals

  • Help you enjoy more of your life and create the experiences, wealth, love and joy you most want


And lastly, you're always welcome to check out the Original Compass Playbook in print or Kindle form on Amazon: