To Dream Your Dream...

All human beings are also dream beings. Dreaming ties all mankind together.

—Jack Kerouac

palm tree beach beach.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could go for a long walk on your own private beach? To feel the foamy water on your bare feet as they mush into the sand? To smell the salty air and hear the palm fronds tickling in the afternoon breeze? To know that you didn't have to be anywhere or do anything but what you wanted? To use those moments to daydream and think about creating something new and amazing in your life?

When you linger inside that image in your mind's eye, how does it make you feel? Dreamy? Free? Frustrated? By this time in the Course, you should more easily find yourself envisioning scenes like this and being open to the possibility of a future that includes luxurious experiences like this. If you had a more negative response (frustration, etc.) to that mini visualization, you may still be focusing on the absence of abundance that you could actually experience.

Let's tumble some rocks

A rock tumbler is a device that literally tumbles rocks in a drum to get them smooth and shiny. What we want to do in this lesson is help you smooth out some of your rocks regarding the fact that you are not living that expression of incredible financial abundance yet.

Like a sharp pebble in your shoe, it draws all of your attention until you have to stop and remove your shoe and get that annoying little pebble out. So let's smooth out some of those sharp pebbles regarding the progress of you opening up to the possibility of incredible financial abundance in your life.


Course Practice

Tumbled Rocks Play

List Template (PDF)

List Template (PDF)

Compass Playbook intentionally sidesteps focusing on negative aspects by helping you avoid giving attention to what is unwanted. In this Play, you will generate a slew of new aspirations from desires triggered by distasteful observations without staying in the spotlight of negativity. Use what you don’t want as inspiration for what you do want.

Step 1: Start by listing the things that are grabbing your attention regarding:

  • What you don't like about your money situation right now
  • What frustrates you or worries you about money and debt issues
  • What is concerning you regarding how you're going to make it all happen or how it will come about
  • The timeline of when it will all appear
  • Resignation that you'll always be living the current level of financial income you are right now
  • Anything else that may be keeping your attention on the debt, lack or worry about your financial situation
guy on rocks

Be careful not to let your emotions get too into the red zone (negative), as it will be more challenging to recover. If you've got a lot of focus on lack and the absence of the money you want, then this list will populate easily. Make the list quickly, capturing the things that are most present and top-of-mind, and then move on to the next step.

Step 2: For each item you listed, write at least three new statements that counterbalance the thought. You should feel a sense of relief, even hope, after each one. For example:

Untumbled rock: I'm really tired of all of this debt and living hand-to-mouth. (Focused on what you don't want, negativity, frustration.)

Tumbled rock: Things somehow have a way of sorting themselves out. I do have a lot of good things to appreciate in my life right now, like my health, friends and family, and I am employed and able to support myself. I do enjoy what I am doing right now, and I can use this time to imagine what it will be like to enjoy a more financially abundant experience. I don't know what opportunities are just around the corner, or what awaits me that will lead me to a more abundant experience, but I'm looking forward to being pleasantly surprised by the path that leads me to more abundance. (More positive, focused on the positive aspects of the situation, a perspective shift, focus given to what's coming and away from what is missing.)

Remember to focus on what you are currently living from a place of appreciation. Acknowledging how far you've come, what you've learned and accomplished, and where you are right in this very moment. When you focus so much on what's missing, you perpetuate the state of it not being present in your life. Love yourself and love your life. That's the quickest way to elevate your mood and get your compass needle pointing back to your Magnetic North.