With Great Power...

Formulate and stamp indelibly on your mind a mental picture of yourself as succeeding. Hold this picture tenaciously. Never permit it to fade. Your mind will seek to develop the picture... Do not build up obstacles in your imagination.

—Norman Vincent Peale


Turning Within

So far you have focused on dimensions of your thinking, belief patterns and how to write a new story about you regarding money and the specifics of how you want to spend it and use it. You've worked it out through scenes, imaginings and visualizations. You've drawn pictures, storyboarded and mind-mapped. You have a pretty good idea of what you want and you've defined the details with great satisfaction.

You've explored your emotions around money and how they correlate to your thinking. You've become more sensitive to how you feel and more deliberate in shifting what you are focused on because your emotions are telling you that you're not pointed in the right direction on your compass. You are beginning to see that you have complete control over how you feel, what you think, and that you can respond in such a way to make yourself feel better about your journey toward incredible financial abundance.

Where you stand in this Course right now is in a place of greater knowing and understanding. You have a set of creative tools and wisdom now that will continue to empower you on your journey of self-growth and improvement. You have power within yourself that will only grow and blossom, and the guidance that you are now more connected to will continue to become louder and more prominent in your life.

This is you. This is who you are. You are a powerful being able to create the experiences you most desire in life based on how you orient your mind. And as they say in the Spider-Man movies, "With great power comes great responsibility." What will you do with your power?


Impacting the World

It's time to step out and see how you being in your ideal state of financial abundance will impact those around you. What will be available to you when you have more money and are freer, more powerful and able to do more with your money whether it's to help yourself or help others or both? What choices will you suddenly be able to make and how will they impact the world around you? How will you make the lives of others better? What is available when you are able to freely share your discovery of financial abundance with others?

List Template (PDF)

List Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

Course Practice

Great Things Play

This Play is specifically designed to pull you into the future after you have attained your financial abundance. It puts you into the energy of that future state and allows you to explore and create more details of how you'll be and what will be produced once you are in the state of financial freedom. This is yet another way for you to specifically create details about not just the money and what it will afford you, but what you will be doing with it and what is possible out of that influx of cash. 

  1. List the positive things that will be available, created as by-products, or changed as a result of you achieving financial abundance. What’s available to you now? What’s different about what you can do in the world? How are people/the community/the world impacted by what you are doing with your money? Would you start a new business? Would you be able to do more charitable things in your community? Would you feel more capable? Would you feel like you had more opportunity to live your dream to fruition? How would you inspire others to their financial empowerment? How would your cash help the economy?
  2. Take one of the positive things from your list and expand it in story form. Sell the story of why that positive list item is a great thing now that you're rich. For example, one positive list item might be, “I feel more confident about opening my cafe. I feel so supported and secure that I can do this because I have the financial backing to do it.” Your great things story would go something like, “Now that I've opened my cafe, I can work together with my partner and create a relaxing experience for our customers," etc. and go into detail and describe what a day in your new cafe working with your partner would be like, how the customers are impacted by what you're doing, about the experience they have, how you feel working there, etc.