Can You Believe That?

If a belief is not realized immediately in open deeds, it is stored up for the guidance of the future.

—William Kingdon Clifford


Uncovering Core Beliefs

Understanding how to achieve a positive flow of money is often a struggle because you:

  • Haven't consciously clarified the specific details you want
  • Doubt you can attain a certain level of prosperity
  • Are not deliberately controlling your thoughts about money
  • Primarily focus on what you don’t want which typically shows up during the absence or constriction of cash
  • Doubt your worthiness or ability to deserve a certain level of financial abundance

Many of these beliefs are not conscious, however they run us as if they are fact and reality. Our expectations hit a glass ceiling as to what we really feel we deserve or can obtain. In the next three Plays, you will uncover these beliefs and dispel misconceptions about what you want and learn new, powerful processes for being more conscious and deliberate about your beliefs. You will take charge of your thinking and apply intentional focus, allowing inspired action to help you allow more financial abundance and enjoy the journey toward a newly defined expression of prosperity. It's time to write your new story as it relates to money, finances, and your general sense of well being around abundance.

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Retraining the Mind

It's time to retrain your mind to focus on what you do want and away from what you don’t want regarding money. You are going to practice intentional thinking, a method of consciously directing thought that not only makes you feel better, but aligns you with the results you want in getting financial abundance flowing more readily into your experience.

In the beginning, there is desire. You shape and adjust your desires based on personal preferences, both consciously and unconsciously. This thought process awakens certain beliefs about achieving your picture of abundance, and those beliefs are held as your personal truth. This set of beliefs orients your focus to whether or not you can attain financial prosperity, and as we covered in an earlier lesson, those beliefs are metered by your emotions.

For example, you have desires for prosperity and you have your beliefs about money. When you doubt that you'll achieve the level of abundance you desire—for whatever reason—the beliefs driving that doubt give rise to negative emotions such as depression, frustration and resignation. With beliefs that bring about negative emotion, there is a tendency to dwell on drawbacks, shortcomings, lack of knowledge, inability to solve how to get there, feelings of "not good enough," thus spiraling down into more of what you don’t want: an endless cycle of more debt, more lack and more financial strife. Sound familiar?

People who foster positive beliefs around their desire attract inspired action which results in the achievement of their desire and more. You know these people. They are the success stories, the people living the dream, those who whatever they touch seems to turn to gold. Their essence exudes the belief that money comes easily and is a natural, positive way of being. As a result, it’s easy for them to focus on living abundant lives because they believe it is possible.

The key here is focus. Most of us don’t realize we can change our beliefs by changing our thinking.

But what are beliefs?

They are ideas, concepts or notions we agree or disagree with and hold as a personal truth until we say otherwise.

But what are ideas, concepts or notions?


Hence, if beliefs are really just thoughts we’ve chosen to agree or disagree with, we can change them.

See how we’re really the ones in control here?

When we intentionally focus on what we want, we feel better. We are excited. We are eager. And, with trust, we learn to enjoy the journey to our desires more profoundly. We open ourselves to insights that inspire us to action. And when we achieve our goal, there’s nothing more satisfying because we know deep down that we were the creators from the very beginning. This is what Compass does for you: it gives you the framework to creatively shift your thinking so that it supports and pulls you toward what you want.

Mind Map Template (PDF)

Mind Map Template (PDF)

Course Practice

Belief Barrier Play

In this Play, you're going to learn a powerful process to uncover the limiting beliefs you have around obtaining your ideal picture of abundance. In the next lesson, you'll do two more Plays that will help you reframe your limiting beliefs and write a new story that opens up the pathways to getting all the goodness flowing your direction.

  1. Create a mind map of the negative beliefs and/or doubts that arise when you think about money. Consider these questions to uncover your limiting beliefs:
    • Why do I think I can't have a certain level of financial abundance?
    • What are the conditions or challenges I face in achieving financial well being?
    • What am I thinking about money that is making it wrong or bad for me?
    • What am I saying about myself that is keeping me stuck?
  2. Pay attention to what feelings come up as you do this Play.
  3. So you don't let the energy you stirred put you in a negative frame of thinking until you get the next lesson (which will do serious damage to the above limiting beliefs), take a few moments to read this Belief Promise from Compass (but do this AFTER you've completed this Belief Barrier Play.):

Belief Promise

We promise that you will find your center. That you will realize that by taking the steps you are taking here in this Course and in this work, you are finally ready to elevate your outlook regarding prosperity in your life. That you will become more excited, engaged and enthusiastic about what is ahead. That you will begin to feel better and experience signs of real relief that where you stand today is only temporary.

That you have learned so much about yourself, what abundance looks like in your life right now, and how to look at your thinking around prosperity and lack. That you truly feel love and appreciation for yourself, and that you understand that you are on a journey that is unfolding in perfect time and in a perfect way. All will be revealed to you, and you will realize very soon that where you are is a blessed place of learning and being.