Prepare to Open Your Heart

What's the point in being serious all the time? —Ringo Starr


Are You Ready for the Ride of Your Life?

In this work you are clearing old, limiting thoughts and overwriting them with more positive, electrified thoughts that will prepare you for financial abundance. But sometimes we can overlook somewhat obvious things in our lives that are working against us instead of for us. Being prepared for what you want is key not only in your thinking but also in your physical reality: your home, your body, your work, your family, and your social community.

What happens when You're not prepared

Racing champion Jeff Gordon teamed up with Pepsi MAX to pull a prank on an unsuspecting automotive journalist who had questioned the authenticity of the original "Test Drive." In this hilarious commercial, you'll see what happens when you're not prepared: you miss out on enjoying the ride of your life with a racing legend millions would be thrilled to ride with.


Did you catch at the end where Jeff asked Travis if he wanted to go for another ride and Travis said yes? Because that impromptu (and scary-as-all-get-out) stunt drive prepared Travis. Suddenly he was connected with his deep desire to have the ride of his life, and did he ever.

Are you preparing for a mediocre expression of money in your life? Are you preparing for the same-old financial status? Or, are you preparing for something spectacular? Something that will completely blow your mind and make you feel as though you've been granted the biggest wish you could ever wish?


Luck has little to do with it.

Roman philosopher Lucius Annaeus Seneca said, "Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity." Although that is one position, another is to acknowledge that there is a greater force behind our lives bringing us together for the purpose of growth and expansion. Luck does favor the prepared, but calling it luck is merely an observation by those who aren't aware of all that you are doing to prepare for a continuous flow of more and more money.

The work that you are doing now in this Course is helping you prepare for those very opportunities. The chance encounters where you cross paths with someone who could be a conduit to your abundance and really notice them instead of blindly letting them walk by because you're too busy stewing about a lack of money. The gut feeling that makes you take a day off and go lounge in the park and you meet another person who could act as that conduit to your wealth walking their dog. Deciding to shop at a new store where you run into an old friend or make a new one who introduces you to an idea that unfolds into new revenue streams. Being prepared acts as a vibrational invitation that you're pulsating outward, letting the Universe know that you are finally ready for steady, growing financial abundance.

Girl on steps

Course Practice

Getting Prepared Play

This Play will help you observe your way of being and your environment and help you notice if you're shouting to the Universe, "I'm not prepared for big money opportunities!" and make changes so you are prepared. It will help you objectively see what you may be doing to sabotage your ability to allow what you want to easily and effortlessly flow to you.

  1. For each topic, first make a list of what you observe. What are the conditions and characteristics of each topic? Try to view each objectively and without prejudice or criticism. Keep it in the context of "How is the Universe perceiving this?" and "What would my future abundant self think of this? Would they want to be part of this or would they tell me to stop it?"
  2. After you've thought about and listed items for each topic, brainstorm a new list of things you can do to improve or shift the topic to one that opens the floodgates of the Universe and invites incredible amounts of money into your experience.
  3. For the final step, make a list of action items to make the changes based on whichever had the most emotional pull for you. Put those in your calendar and do them.
Compass List Template (PDF)

Compass List Template (PDF)

Compass Writing Template (PDF)

Compass Writing Template (PDF)

Compass Drawing Template (PDF)

Compass Drawing Template (PDF)


  • Your Thinking—This is mostly being handled by the work you are doing in this Course, however, you can still have a big hairy gorilla in your brain saying, "I'm not ready for big money." If so, write about it (it is typically a fear-based thought) and then reframe it with positive, loving thoughts that help you create new beliefs around preparing to receive your flow of abundance. Turn that gorilla into a kitten. Meow.
  • Your Body—Are you taking care of your body? Are you feeding yourself healthy foods that add to your energy and vibrancy? Is your skin glowing and bright from adequate hydration and care? Are you resting and giving your body rejuvenating retreats? Are you striking power poses (from the Where Are You Now lesson) and feeling like you could take on any challenge? Is your body able to meet the physical demands of the fun activities, travel, shopping and sports you'll be doing once you've learned to allow the flow of more money into your experience?
  • Your Appearance—We are visual beings. Are you dressing as if you have an abundant flow of money in your life? Not to be overly extravagant, but are you "dressing for success?" Are you making yourself feel abundant by dressing in well-made clothing that enhance and showcase your form? Are you putting the time into your appearance that boldly says to the Universe, "I invest in how I look and present myself to the world"?
  • Your Finances—Yes, this is a Course on improving the flow of financial abundance into your life. However, how you are handling and respecting the money you have now matters. Are you respecting the money you have now by appreciating every dollar regardless of how you received it? Have you responsibly tapped professional resources to confirm that your current financial outlook is a healthy one? Are your debts being regularly paid? Are you stressed about your finances and worried about your financial future? Are you hoping someone else will fix that problem for you? Are you in a place of desperation?
  • Your Home—Is your home ready to be enhanced and improved as a result of your financial abundance? Is your garage ready for new car? Is your closet ready for new, beautiful clothes? Is your home tidy and free of old energy from debris and things that no longer serve you? Does your home suit you or is there an opportunity for you to envision being in a newer, bigger or more suitable home?
  • Your Availability—One of the biggest complaints people have is that they don't have enough time to do the things they want. When you open the floodgates to more money, you're going to want time to spend and enjoy what that newfound abundance affords you.  Are you able to create time to travel? Relax in style? Spend time and share your abundance with those you love? Or are you too busy to enjoy your financial abundance once you've finally allowed it to come into your experience?

Accountability Partners

If you have trouble completing your action items, you may want to ask a fellow Course participant to be an accountability partner. This is someone that you can both agree to hold one another accountable for completing a task, and support each other in your objective. Head over to Facebook and post that you're looking for an accountability partner for this and any of the Practices throughout your Course and offer to do the same for others.