Congratulations and Welcome to Your Compass Playbook Perfect Body Course

woman with hand on shoulder

You've made an excellent choice in taking charge of what allows you to enjoy life and live fully: YOUR BODY.

As you move through this Course you're going to have insights, breakthroughs and a whole lotta fun. It will allow you to create the space you need to envision what you want and retrain your knee-jerk thinking into deliberate focus. This is what will place you on the path toward savoring your body and enjoying all that your physicality brings to your life.

Since each Play builds upon the prior, we recommend that you work through each Course Play in sequence, starting at the top with Where Are You Now and working your way down. After you've completed all of the lessons, you can go back and redo any of them in any order you prefer to anchor your new thinking and story about your body.


The Perfect Course Primer is a short guide with some practice Plays that will help you make the most of your Compass Playbook journey. It explains everything from logging in to how to participate in the Perfect Course private group on Facebook. Presented in seven short sections, it includes:

  • Introduction and Access
  • Preparation and Materials
  • Templates and Creative Processes
  • Course Guarantee and Participation
  • Course Community on Facebook
  • Contacting Compass Playbook
  • Student Success Formula

Once you've completed the Primer, just click on > Back to Your Course on the side navigation, and your account screen will pop up. Click on the Course you want to go back to and you'll be all set. At any time you can come back to the Primer for a refresh.

screen shot of course primer navigation