Thinking on Purpose

We are shaped by our thoughts; we become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.



Shifting and Reframing Beliefs

There's nothing more frustrating than to be late for an appointment, taking a shortcut to make up time and coming across a sign that says "ROAD CLOSED." Well, imagine that scenario in your brain. Limiting beliefs act like road closures in that they prevent you from moving forward to what you want. They keep you stuck, going in circles and never getting to your destination.

For example, if you have a limiting belief that says, "I've tried every diet on the planet and I just can't lose the weight and keep it off," it's as if your brain sees a "BELIEF CLOSED" road sign. It doesn't allow or support a belief that aligns with what you want. Because of past experiences and the story you've allowed to exist, your mind cannot accept you getting the body you want. You repeatedly encounter evidence that reinforces that belief/story in your life. It's how you perceive reality—it's the story you're telling about who you are regarding your bodily condition and it manifests in your everyday experience, reminding you every time you slip on those jeans, step on the scale or look in the mirror.

Belief closed road sign

Write a New Story

How do you break through that "BELIEF CLOSED" road sign? You don't necessarily break through it—you go around it by creating a new, better belief that more closely matches what you want. You write a new story about who you are regarding your body. Once this story is written, you practice it by giving conscious, deliberate thought to it. You add to it, embellish it, expand it, make it more savory and delectable and enjoy every single bite of it. Eventually, the new story will override the old belief and you'll have a whole new and faster route to the body and physical well being you truly want for yourself.


Course Practice

Belief Turnaround Play

Writing Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

In the prior lesson, you mind-mapped your limiting beliefs around your ideal body in the Belief Barrier Play. In this Belief Turnaround Play, you'll further deconstruct the limiting beliefs you uncovered in the Belief Barrier Play. This is where you begin the shifting process from a negative belief or doubt that holds what you want at bay, to a positive belief that frees the possibility of attaining your ideal body. This shifts negative or limiting beliefs regarding your way of being regarding your physicality and gives you a clean slate to write your new story.

  1. Pick a negative belief from the Belief Barrier Play that resonates with you the most. Write it down as a statement (e.g. “I don’t have the commitment to stick to a healthier diet plan or work out more.”).
  2. Write a new statement that is rephrased to be more general or more positive (e.g. “I’m looking forward to enjoying new, healthier foods,” or “My discouragement is understandably a response to past failures at sticking to a diet plan, and I can ease my way into becoming more open to possibility and enjoy the process more fully," or "I'm looking forward to using what I'm learning in this Course to really make my efforts toward a better body stick.”).
  3. Re-read the new belief statement and write about the experience you’re having rephrasing your limiting belief. Notice the degree of struggle or ease around accepting your new belief.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for the other negative belief statements, and remember to focus on the positive. If you're struggling coming up with a rephrased belief that's more positive, make your statement broad and not as specific, such as, "I'll figure this out," or "I'm learning a lot about how I think and I am looking forward to feeling better about my body," or "I know I'm going to be okay and it will all work out. I'm doing fine."

Belief Celebration Play

Mind Map Template (PDF)

Mind Map Template (PDF)

Now that you've done some work rephrasing and coming up with new belief statements, it's time to celebrate the positive beliefs you created about attaining your ideal body. Pay particular attention to how you feel as you do this Play.

  1. Write your new body belief statement in the center circle of a mind map.
  2. Create a mind map of the positive attributes associated to your new belief, as well as the good things that will come out of it when it’s attained (e.g. “I'm eager to feel the rush of excitement of shopping for new clothes," or they can be one-word statements as well such as, "Confident," "energetic," "great sex," "healthy," etc.).
  3. On a new page, list at least ten more refined positive statements that you are willing to accept and believe (e.g. “I am a smart and effective person and know I can accomplish anything when I set my mind to it,” or “Knowing I have a healthy body is a wonderful feeling.”).
  4. Every morning (or at least once a day), read your refined positive statements that reflect the new body beliefs you are willing to adopt. Feel free to add to this list over time. For a boost, it's extra powerful if done out loud in front of a mirror.