Life Stimulates New Ideas

Relationships are about taking a leap of faith. That's why it's called jumping in.

—Bob Kelso, Scrubs (Season 8 episode 9 "In My Absence")


Every Experience Counts

Every experience in your life to this point has helped you ask for more. Each one individually and collectively has helped you test waters, determine what you liked and didn't like as well as helped you refine the details with more precision. All of your past encounters, engagements and entanglements (and the future ones yet to come) all help you ride the currents of your precious life experience, and inspire more and more things to be, do and have.

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Stages in Creation

The process of creation is simple. However, it has stages that are seldom distinguished or recognized as the best parts of getting what is wanted. It goes something like this:

  • You live life and bounce around and have all kinds of experiences
  • You observe, perceive and evaluate while you're participating in these experiences
  • Your participation inspires within you the desire to experience better, bigger, hotter, faster, healthier, longer, freer, etc. and all that you as a unique desirer can desire for improvement and more variety and the associated emotion that accompanies your new desire is your first manifestation of the creation (this is what grows you and, as a result, expands the Universe)
  • Those desires then go into your "desire bank" in the form of invisible, but detectable energy
  • That desire bank then holds your ideal until you are ready to experience it (and Compass is helping you become ready to receive all that you desire)

The moment when you have an inspiration to envision or imagine something better is actually the creation. We totally miss this distinct stage. We miss the energy and emotion of that very first creation: the excitement, the anticipation, the eagerness to experience our new and expanded desire. We blow right by it because we're too busy noticing that it's not here yet.

But what if we started noticing? What if we deliberately pointed our attention to our new creation and relished the excitement of anticipation? What if we fully appreciated the life experience that stimulated that new desire? What if we made peace with all of it? What would be available to us?


Savoring the Expectancy of Your Desire


Any mother would agree that once they learn about their pregnancy it becomes about preparation and expectancy. They know this because they have evidence that they will be having a new life to enjoy and love. Aside from the physical changes associated with pregnancy, mothers (and fathers and grandparents etc.) each eagerly anticipate and patiently await the birth of that wonderful new baby, knowing that it will happen. No wonder it's referred to as "expecting."

The question is, what are you expecting in regards to your ideal body? Have you begun the shift toward trusting that what you've put in your "ideal body bank" is on its way to you? Are you waiting for evidence before you feel the emotions associated with expectancy? Are you eager, excited, hopeful and joyful about what is on its way to you? Have you realized that you don't have to do anything? That feeling the energy and momentum of anticipation is all that you need feel? That this stage of creation is the first—and most joyful—part of your journey toward getting what you want? Are you savoring the expectancy of your ideal body? Are you actively appreciating all of the life experiences that have inspired new desires for your perfect ideal?

Being able to properly savor and get excited about what's coming is more accessible when you do the work to appreciate why you're making the choices that you are making today. Looking at your life experiences as the impetus to helping you define what you want today is a way of shifting your energy and attitude about where you are to a more positive place of expectancy.

List template (PDF)

List template (PDF)

Writing template (PDF)

Writing template (PDF)

Storyboard template (PDF)

Storyboard template (PDF)

Course Practice

Life Experiences Play

In this Play, you'll be making peace with past experiences and acknowledging them for the gift of giving you greater clarity and generating new details for the ideal body that you're creating today. You'll look back at the events and experiences that you've had that triggered desires (whether something you didn't want in your ideal body or something you really, really wanted) that are helping you create your ideal today. You'll first do a quick brain dump list to capture the characteristics, and then you'll look at each and mine where that desire came from (as there is always an impetus) and write a brief story about what happened.

The next step will be to storyboard snapshots (one or several, your choice) of that experience (stick figures encouraged). The final step is to review each and then write what you appreciate about having that experience or making that observation as it helped you arrive at your new desire and what you're creating today.

  1. LIST the details that you are gathering about what you want in your ideal body.
  2. Consider each and write a brief STORY about what life experience you lived or observed in the past that generated the specifics of your desire.
  3. STORYBOARD one or several scenes pulled from that past experience as snapshots reflecting the event that stimulated your new desire.
  4. Review each experience and write a brief APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY of all that the experience gave you and how it inspired your new desire.


  • LIST: I want to have a stable weight and consistent clothing size.
  • STORY: Since I was in high school, I have dieted and ballooned in weight. Whatever fad diet was the craze, I jumped on it, thinking I could lose that extra fifteen, twenty pounds and drop two sizes. I often was able to do it, but it was uncomfortable and stressful. It wasn't long after I stopped the diet that I bounced back up to two, sometimes three sizes larger again.
  • STORYBOARD: Snapshot #1: Me feeling and looking fat. Snapshot #2: Me doing a juice fast for a week and reducing calories to 500 a day and dropping pounds in a few weeks. Snapshot #3: Me happily shopping for new, smaller size clothes. Snapshot #4: Me gaining weight again and feeling really depressed because I couldn't maintain the lower weight and smaller size.
  • APPRECIATIVE INQUIRY: I know my body. I know that fad diets do not help me find my perfect weight and enable me to maintain it, but if I hadn't gone through those experiences and "trials" I never would have realized that. I really liked the feeling of focusing on my body and trying to make it healthier and less fat. I also enjoyed shopping for clothes and imagining how good I was going to feel when I weighed less. I learned a lot about nutrition and how the body responds to calorie restrictions, and how it can affect my health. Through all of this I am realizing how lucky I am to be healthy and have the body that I have and all that it enables me to do. I'm looking forward to easing my way into a healthy, natural weight that I can maintain and enjoy, without the diet craziness.