Get Emotional!

Genius is the ability to renew one's emotions in daily experience.

—Paul Cezanne


Mining Your Feelings

We've already established how important it is to not only pay attention to your emotions but to adjust your thoughts to support an improved emotion so you move closer toward your Magnetic North.


Evocative Images

Use your mind's eye to conjure moments when you will be enjoying your ideal body. Those imaginings are fertile with potential emotions depending on your intention and how you design them. The brain can still react emotionally to an imagined experience just like it can a real experience. The premise that thought triggers emotions is reinforced in this simple exercise and demonstrates the linkage between the two.


Sea of Dreams

Take a walk through your dreams. Create the scene and feel yourself inside your ideal body. Engage in a conversation with a loved one, enjoy a healthy meal, take a walk, swing in a hammock or dance. These moments are yours to magically bring into being in your mind and populate with the things that you love and enjoy. Savor those moments and expand them with more detail, extended time frames or "what if" scenarios. Enjoy exploring your emotional landscape.

Woman with her eyes closed, smiling
List Template (PDF)

List Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

Drawing Template (PDF)

Drawing Template (PDF)

Course Practice

Emotional Excursion Play

  1. Think deeply on a desired moment that you will experience in your ideal body. Bring in all of the details, what you'll be doing, the place, setting, weather, fragrances, light, view, etc.
  2. List the emotions associated with the experience such as, "Light and easy, relieved, happy, relaxed, excited, turned on, strong, vibrant, young, energetic, eager, healthy, etc.
  3. Now that you have captured the moment in your mind's eye, write a story based on the scene and emotions you'll be experiencing.
  4. Take it to the bonus level by drawing the scene as well (you can do this before writing the story if you prefer).