Do You Know What's Coming?

I believe in this idea that the present is the new future. That where you sit, you create everything that's gonna come, for better or worse.

—Sarah Jones (in character)


You Tell the Story You Want to Tell

Much of the work you are doing in Compass involves imagining, conjuring, extrapolating, designing and creating from scratch. But it's really not necessarily from scratch. It is an amalgamation of all of the preferences you've made (and will continue to make) as you experience life. See something you like? You deposit it into your creative mind. See something you don't like? You deposit it into your creative mind. What you focus on is what you will experience in the future, whether in the next hour or the next month or the next year. What you believe is what will allow it to come to you more rapidly or keep what you want just out of reach.

Compass is helping you craft a new story (which helps reframe your beliefs to ones that align with what you want) and deliberately shift your focus more actively to be on your desired outcome. In a way, you're taking on a new persona—the persona of you living that future state of your desire.

Create Your New Persona and Step into it

In this TED presentation, Tony Award-winning monologist Sarah Jones introduces us to 11 distinct personas answering questions about the present being the new future. Watch how easily she steps into and speaks as each persona with uncanny familiarity and speed. Pay extra special attention to her final character and what she says.


Listen and Envision

Replay this video but don't watch it. Listen to each character without the visual stimuli with your eyes closed or by simply looking away from the video. Do you see that person in your mind's eye? Do you feel their energy, their personality and their intention?

Although Sarah has honed her craft like any master, we each have the ability to do the same. We can create a persona that represents us in our future state experiencing the physical well being and bodily condition we have been creating our entire lives to this point.

Storyboard Template (PDF)

Storyboard Template (PDF)

Course Practice

A Day in the Life Play

This is a two-part Play that includes storyboarding and writing. You choose which part to do first, as they work interchangeably.

Storyboard a Day in the Life

Storyboard a typical day in the life of you enjoying your ideal body. For example, let's say you've invested in a week-long retreat to Sedona, Arizona, at a new health spa. You can storyboard all of the steps as tightly or loosely timed as you like, starting with you preparing for the trip, packing, happy, excited about giving yourself such a wonderful gift to getting there, checking in, seeing how wonderful your room is, the white towels rolled up and the soft comforter on your bed with the Zuni designs. Draw more snapshots including the fresh, organic meals you'll have, the friendly, earthy people you'll meet, and the hikes you'll take through the beautiful Southwest desert and morning meditation classes.

Each one of these storyboard snapshots can be of any segment you choose, as if you're selecting special moments you're remembering about a great day in your ideal body. Do as many snapshots of different types of days showcasing these wonderful moments you'll be experiencing doing different things while you enjoy your desired physical form.

Writing Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

Write a Day in the Life

Imagine and think about a day in the life you'll be enjoying in your perfect body, regardless of the activity. As you're imagining that future moment, tap into your emotions. How does being in a healthy, robust and trim body make you feel? Write about all that you love and appreciate about your physical well being and the associated emotions that arise. Capture the essence of it by isolating and recording how you feel. The more detailed the moment, the more visceral the feeling.

As an example, this is Kevin's story, who recaptured his youthful energy, lost 25 pounds and started running again:

Two years ago I wouldn't have been able to run this 5K. I used to run when I was in my twenties. I'm so glad that I finally focused on the body I wanted and do the things I've wanted to do and enjoy. I had so much fun shopping for new running shoes for this race, and running every day in preparation.

I'm able to fit in my old running clothes and seem so much lighter when I run because I feel better. I can take deep, strong breaths, I have stronger legs and I feel nimble and quick as I run every morning. I discovered some new warm up exercises that are really effective at stretching me out before my run. I feel capable, in alignment with my body and strong.

I really enjoy meeting other runners and doing these races. I realize how much I've missed running. I feel confident, I know I look good, and I find myself smiling a lot. I love being outside, feeling the cool morning air on my skin, and hearing all of the race preparation sounds across the park. It's a beautiful day and I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be.