What Are You Looking Forward To?

Change your thoughts and you change your world.

—Norman Vincent Peale


It's a Done Deal.

How would you feel if you knew for certain that your ideal body was not only a reality, but a guarantee? Would you be excited? Relieved? Expectant? Concerned? Prepared? Doubtful? Take a second to check in with yourself. If what you come up with surprises you, take a moment to write about it in your journal.

Knowing Your Path vs. Discovering Your Path

The journey to what you want includes every breath you've taken since birth. Knowing that even the most seemingly insignificant thought contributes to moving you closer to (or further away depending on the thought) your desire is a loving way to look at the path you walk to achieve all of your desired outcomes. Respect that all that you want is already on your path just waiting for you. Relax into knowing this and expect it. By appreciating every potential moment you'll experience between now and when you're in the full expression of physical well being will more effectively accelerate the attainment of that end result.

The key is to anticipate those moments, thoughts, events and inspirations along the way. By looking forward to how much you are going to enjoy the journey toward what you want, you'll start experiencing the happy, fulfilling, joyful feelings that you'll also experience once you're in that state. And isn't that what you want? To feel better? To feel relief, excitement, enthusiasm, anticipation? The journey is where the real joy exists because it exists in your ever-present now.

List Template (PDF)

List Template (PDF)

Storyboard Template (PDF)

Storyboard Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

Writing Template (PDF)

Course Practice

Anticipation Play

This Play is like forming mini-aspirations on the way to the big one. This is how you heighten the awareness of how joyful your journey can be as you travel to physical well being. You relax your impatience of not achieving your body and health goals because you are looking forward to the delicious experiences you'll have on the way.

Step One:

Imagine the possible inspirations, events, people you’ll encounter, learnings, fun, breakthroughs and other things that you will experience along the way to that desired outcome. Examples include:

  • Taking a business class and meeting someone who later introduces you to a new workout routine
  • Having a mini-relationship/friendship with someone new who helps inspire you to be even clearer with the details of what you want in your physical picture
  • Reading a wonderful book that seems to have savory clues that resonate and stir your excitement about getting your ideal body
  • You have a dream of buying a new house in a desirable neighborhood with all of the things you want, especially a sunny room for yoga and working out

Step Two:

Write out the scenes as mini stories and include why you're looking forward to every one as you journey along to achieving your ideal body. For example:

  • "I'm looking forward to feeling relief around how I feel about my body the more I focus on the ideal body I want."
  • "I feel inspired to purge and give away things such as "fat phase" clothes and foods in my pantry that don't serve the body image I'm creating so I can make room for new things that will support and nourish my ideal body."
  • "It's going to be so fun planning that dream spa getaway with my partner. We're going to have an amazing time planning it as well as enjoying it together." 

Optional Step:

Create storyboards and/or drawings and note the way you feel as you draw each one.