Sharing and Engagement

We can actually accelerate the process through meditation, through the ability to find stillness through loving actions, through compassion and sharing, through understanding the nature of the creative process in the universe and having a sense of connection to it. So, that's conscious evolution.

- Deepak Chopra


Your Community

There is little doubt in the power of community. When people share in an experience—especially one that invokes creativity, authenticity and expansion like Compass does—the impact is increased exponentially. We see this in Compass Playbook Live events where we get to witness the value of group interaction first hand. When openly sharing questions, inspirations and stories, sparks fly. A sense of communal empowerment emerges as understanding deepens and uptake on the Course material accelerates.

Facebook Access

As part of your enrollment in the Compass Playbook Course, you are granted access to the private Facebook group. Course participants and Compass Playbook Coaches are the sole members of this group so we can all have a specific conversation about progress through the Course. When you registered for the Course, you were invited to join as long as you were already a member of Facebook.

Not a member of Facebook? No problem. It's free to join, and we strongly recommend you take advantage of this benefit because it will enhance your journey and make your Course experience more engaging. You'll also get to virtu-meet other Compass Playbook Course participants on similar journeys, and share in their experience as well.

Compass Playbook Perfect Mate Facebook Group

Group Etiquette

When you are interacting with others in the community, keep these things in mind and you'll do fine:

  • Focus on the positive. When asked for feedback by another member or posting a comment, focus on acknowledging the positive in whatever they are doing. Treat it like an exercise in appreciative inquiry where you draw their attention to what is going well.
  • Be polite and courteous. Consider how you would respond if the person was sitting across from you in the flesh. Sometimes the virtual world lazily invites less tact, so always consider the feelings of others.
  • Have a sense of humor. All of the Compass Playbook work is meant to be a fun and enjoyable journey filled with inspiration and revelation. The more you lighten your heart about what you or others are experiencing, the more you can lift the spirits of everyone.
  • Stay on topic. Keep your posts and content related to the Compass Playbook Course and what you are doing in the context of the program. This is not the place for self-promotion, marketing, sales, speeches, political drum beating or rants. Enrich, don't pitch.

What to Post

Feel free to post anything that will help you move forward on your Compass journey. If you are struggling with a particular Play, post why. You'll be surprised that you are not alone in your challenge and someone may have been exactly where you are and be able to offer some great suggestions.

If you had an incredible aha moment and have a breakthrough story to share, by all means share it! You never know who you will inspire, encourage or soothe. Also, feel free to post videos, photos of your completed Plays or any other visual asset that will enhance the group's uptake of your post. We love seeing photos/videos of completed Plays posted in the group.

How to Pose Questions

Be brief, clear and to the point when posting questions. Facebook currently has a "Ask Question" option which you can use, or just write your question as a regular post. You can add poll options to your "Ask Question" which makes it nice if you want to poll the group on a topic.

Compass Playbook Coaches and Admins will be monitoring and engaging the group on a regular basis, and we will address questions when appropriate. If you have a question about your enrollment in the Course, technical issues or other concerns regarding the delivery of your Course, please contact us at Compass Playbook—do not use the Facebook group for these types of questions.


Course Admins

We will be monitoring and helping inspire conversation within the group to make sure that everyone is getting something of value. We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate or off-topic posts, and for repeat offenders, remove access to the group.

Admins are here to help you make the most of your experience, so feel free to engage and riff with us while we all journey together through the Course. Compass Playbook Course admins on Facebook will periodically post tips and reminders in the timeline, so whenever you see the image above it marks a special tip or reminder.


Facebook groups also allow for files to be uploaded and shared. If you have a file that you would like to share, use this feature. We have already posted common files used such as the Compass Playbook creative process templates. It is one more place you can find what you need. We will post announcements when we upload files so you can check them out.

Note that any content, downloads or files specific to the Course will be posted inside each lesson. Material used for training the Compass framework is all within the confines of the actual Course, and not supplied through Facebook files feature. We may duplicate some content on Facebook for your convenience (such as the templates), but for your curriculum, all content is within the actual lessons on


Facebook groups also have a search feature so you can search within the group. It's a small icon to the far right under the header image.

We encourage you to use hashtags on common terms used in the Course, and make searching for common terms easier.

Here is an example:

  • #Write - Use hashtags for commonly used creative processes such as: #Write, #MindMap, #Visualization, #Storyboard, #List, #Draw.

If you see a member using a cool hashtag, feel free to dogpile on or create your own. Whatever works best!


Pre-Course Practice

Your work for today is to make sure you have a Facebook account, and if so, confirm that you have been invited to become a member of the Course group. By now, we should have already invited you to the group.

If you are all set up and an active group member, go write a post! Share what you want to get out of the Course. Share if you've had any breakthroughs so far. Post a question or take a poll. Be creative and make it your place to come and share. This group is for you and is an invaluable part of your Course.