Do you own this miracle? If you do, you are creating a life you love. You are fulfilling on your dreams and living in joy every day.

Compass Playbook helps you connect with your inner creative genius. It enables you to step into your power and create from your ideas of how life could be.

Compass Playbook courses, workshops and coaching deepen this connection and inspire you to express your full creative genius. They also help you focus on the most important areas in life for just about all of us: relationships, finances, wellness and work. Compass Playbook is a smart framework that guides you to design and live the life you most want.


Janel Stewart says, "Compass Playbook is like guided meditation for journaling. Much like when I try to meditate, journaling on my own can often lead to nothing but shopping lists. It was not until I started using Compass Playbook, that I was able to focus and have fun while working on writing or creating something new.

"I use Compass when I feel stuck on a specific area of work or personal development. I have also used it as my grown up version of a coloring activity book. I mean sitting and waiting for your car to be repaired would be an awesome time to just color but that may garner some odd looks—Compass Playbook provided me an acceptable outlet! I highly recommend Compass Playbook!"